Compass Warp 360 with Carbon Blade, BL Motor (G)

型番: RC-Warp360-AG

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Compass Modelの360 (480)サイズ フライバーレス電動ヘリコプター(グリーンキャノピー)

●Lightweight design for extreme 3D flights
●Fully Rigid rotorhead without featheringshaft and dampeners
●Special ECPPM 120 degrees swashplate
●Aluminium / Carbon Fibre tailrotor
●Extremely strong Carbon frame
●7mm wide motorbelt system
●4mm S2M belt system
●17mm tailboom
●6mm mainshaft
●4mm tailshaft

●ローター直径: 800mm
●モータピニオン: 16T, 17T,18T(付属ピニオンは16T)
●メインプーリー(ギア): 135T
●Gear ratio 16T: 8.44:1:4.8(デフォルト)
●フライト重量:850g(バッテリー未搭載)/ 950g(バッテリー搭載)
●バッテリーサイズ:  6S (1200-1400mAh) (230~260gのバッテリーを推奨)
●使用可能メインブレードサイズ: 325~360mm(付属は350mm)

Warp360 Upgrade Kitが同梱になります、アップグレードキットの詳しい内容はこちらで。また組み込み用法はこちらを参照下さい。

Updateパーツの強化型Tail Arm Holder、Aluminume Tail Side Frame、Tail Grip (Thicker Version)及び19Tテールプーリーを同梱致しますので、必ずこちらに組み替えて組み立てて下さい、またテールブレークを防ぐためテールギアケースをテールブームに挿入する際、かならずロックタイトを塗布して下さい(詳しくはこちらを参照下さい。)

付属モーター SZ2617仕様
●KV1320 (6S)
●寸法:36 x 32mm
●Max Curerent:N/A

●Warp 360 キット(グリーンキャノピー)
●ブラシレスモーター (KV1320)

●6チャンネル以上 ヘリコプター用プロポセット(送信機・受信機)
●スワッシュ用サーボ (マイクロサイズ) 3個
●テール用サーボ (マイクロサイズ若しくはミニサイズ)
●ブラシレスモーター用アンプ (6セル用40~60A) 
●エポキシ系接着剤・組立工具  など






The Compass Warp 360 is the newest helicopter to the Compass Model product line. The Warp 360 is a low-maintenance, aggressive, powerful and quiet 450 size electric helicopter!

The Compass Warp 360 utilizes a single-stage direct belt drive which allows for an extremely quiet and efficient drive-train. The rotor head is comprised of a nearly rigid design by Compass Model. This head design provides a level of precision and aggressive response more commonly associated with the larger 90 size electrics, to the 450 size market.

The Warp 360 will fly on batteries ranging from 3s to 6s LiPo. The recommended power setup is a 6s LiPo in the 1000-1300MAh range. The kit with a motor and blades will come with a 6s motor from Compass Model along with 350mm carbon fiber rotor blades. The belt has been designed for a maintenance free and extremely efficient setup. Belt hop or skipping has been eliminated with the large guide pulleys and reenforced belt design.

Compass Model did not stop in its pursuit of developing world class r/c model helicopters on its newest model. Compass knew it had to provide its customers the most powerful and precise 450 size helicopter ever developed. To aid in this challenge they turned to a high voltage power plant. The 6s high-voltage LiPo reduces the current load on the electronics. As the voltage is doubled to a 6s LiPo, the current drops as well as wasted energy, in the form of heat. The energy saved due to the lower heat output allows for the longer flight times compared to a 450s standard 3-cell LiPo system. The Warp 360 is proving to be the best 450 size electric helicopter ever developed.



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WARP360セットアップマニュアル (Warp360_Manual.pdf, 11,326 Kb) [ダウンロード]

WARP360パーツリスト (warp_partlist.pdf, 604 Kb) [ダウンロード]

WARP UPDATE (warp_update.pdf, 200 Kb) [ダウンロード]




Aluminum Tail Arm Holder

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Ball Links

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Canopy Mount (New)

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Canopy Standoff
Canopy Standoff

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Carbon Fiber Orange  Vertical Fin Warp360
Carbon Fiber Orange Vertical Fin Warp36...

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Carbon Fiber Orange Landing Gear Warp360
Carbon Fiber Orange Landing Gear Warp360

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